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owo? what's this?

AutisTBH is a webring of sites made by autistics! we especially center around personal & special interest pages, but any site made with autism is welcome!!

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crowpunk | a button in black and hot pink with a crow to the right snuf wants to be a girl | a green blinkie with text in trans flag colors DieWolf's Rocky Anagura | a black and red handwritten button lipumanka | a dark purple button with a figure in a yellow coat writing the bat house | a light purple-pink button with white stars Vinden of Doom | a nostalgic grey button with a yellow smiley with rainbow eyes and the word 'no' Mametzwood Dashevy Cave krohbar zombiee A netscape-style button reading 'AJ Now!' featuring a small picture of AJ holding a fake cigarette. a web button to the site 'die mad dyke', with a logo on the right of a fountain pen over a pink triangle.