details on the term "asperger's/aspie/AS" & why we don't allow it

it's not your fault if you're diagnosed with asperger's, but...

it's still inappropriate to use the term. anyone diagnosed with asperger's is automatically considered to be diagnosed autism spectrum disorder/autistic, and can use that instead, or something else entirely! the main point is just "if you don't literally 100% need to use the term, don't."

not knowing better is also not your fault & won't be held against you--it's what you do when you know that matters.

tw for everything past this point: ableism, nazis, eugenics


  • it's named after a nazi
  • the dx criteria is based on nazi eugenics
  • "asperger's" as a label is meant to convey that non-"aspie" autistics are inferior
  • it's named after a nazi

    hans asperger was an actual, literal nazi scientist, and an active participant in the murder of disabled children under the nazi regime. even if there were no other issues, it would be innappropriate to use out of basic respect for jewish, roma, disabled, & nonwhite people.

    the diagnosis is based on his research and ableist ideas of autism

    aside from being a nazi, hans asperger did a lot of studies regarding autism, which he termed "autistic psychopathy"--as in, "self absorbed psychopathy."

    the diagnosis of asperger's syndrome specifically was named for him after his death in reference to autistic patients who he observed as using their "special talents" to be successful. in other words, asperger's is a term for autistics who succeed by neurotypical standards, and therefore don't need to be murdered.

    the issue isn't that the word hurts "aspies"--it's that it hurts everyone else

    while the asperger's diagnosis is considered a good form of autism to have, that's also the problem. the term says that people with "asperger's" are superior to autistic people who don't mask well, don't score high on IQ tests, have any other disabilities, are nonverbal, or don't have special interests that lend themselves to careers. and, acording to asperger himself, the non-"aspies" deserved to be murdered.

    basically, saying someone has asperger's is saying they're superior to other autistics.

    the webmaster is a physically & educationally disabled semispeaking native american converting to judaism, and very not interested in debating whether nazi eugenics are bad.